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# 1 C "Nickle & DIME" Store ?
06-18-2011, 07:15 AM
Something needs to be done..cstore is getting to crazy with all these things..Next they will sell STO bottled water and air to breath on the C-store.. Comon peeps lets ease off the making some bucks on this and that in your store. Does, "NICKLE AND DIME" ring a bell? getting tired of real life doing it, now a game is doing it too. Not a happy customer.

Was looking forward to getting the NEW BO's cat peeps for my Cat Captain. Then I saw thew were 100 CP a piece. I was like WTF? I wanted a whole crew of them.. If I do that that will cost me a fortune in CP or your ATARI token things.

If I make a FED Klingon ,I can get a Kling BO crew for free.. same with the other races.. WTF ?

Something needs to be looked at when it comes to these BO's They should NOT be a C-store Item.