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06-18-2011, 08:48 AM
I use a similar with my Tactical Retrofit, merely replacing HYT with a Beam Target Subsystem Engines. It's not that optimal probably and a Fleet Escort or AE might serve you better for this, but I find it works at least
Going for a different general ship class would change everything and what would work now might not work then anymore.

One advantage of using only one weapon type with your DHCs is that you effectively get more out of your Cannon Rapid Fire - it boosts basically 80 % of your DPS instead of only 55 %, while still giving you an option to add some significant spike with the BO3.

Note that I use it in PvP. I think I am doing fairly good with it, though I wouldn't claim I can compete with the best Escort players. But I feel "at home" with the build.