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06-18-2011, 08:09 AM
Let's not lose sight of reality however. Dstahl's commentary didn't really help with the question that it was trying to answer.

Let's try to remember that from a PVE standpoint, the faction has huge holes in it. And season 4 is not addressing those holes effectively.

Let's look at season 4's content for the KDF:

- New staring city. With new starter missions.

This isn't all that helpful for the overall problem of the KDF. Your Klingon toon already starts halfway through the starter levels.Smoothing out the process of Lt. 5 to Lt. Commander 1 is ... not doing much for the faction. Because the big holes in PVE content are later in the process. Getting from Lt. Commander 1 to General, where at end-game the content actually matches for both factions.

- New Gorn.

Something that was slated for last year. And is just a cosmetic change to something that already exists and has nothing to do with the levelling issue.

- New ship skins

But no new ships. And also not something that has anything to do with the levelling process.

- The PVP you can now do in opened up space.

Something that would have been welcomed with open arms and cheers last year, before PVP got gutted by a few serious bugs and lack of dev attention over the past year. That being said, this is also not that helpful for the levelling gap in PVE as it's much more helpful for PVP.

- Fleet Actions.

I think everyone needs to play a fleet action on the KDF side to truly understand how useless a change this is. Queues? For content that no one can complete with any regularity because of level banding, low population, and the design of the encounters? Setting aside the fact that queues are going to be a bad move for the FED side on fleet actions ... there's no point to fleet actions on the KDF side in the first place. This change really just demonstrates a disconnect between development and the KDF faction on a basic level if it is being presented as something helpful for the KDF levelling problem.

- New Feature Episodes

Yes. These help. In fact the KDF levelling process I would say hinges on being able to repeat and repeat and repeat Feature Episodes. So more of these help. A lot.

- Updated End-Game Loot and STF improvements

These do not help the levelling process at all. They are end-game content. So while one may appreciate the effort, presenting the effort in the context of "why a player who only likes PVE would roll a Klingon" ... or more accurately, what is being done to smooth out the PVE levelling process ... isn't very helpful. In short, thanks for more effective Mk XI PURPLES, but the problem the KDF has is GETTING THERE.

- Duty Officers

This one's hard for me to comment on since I've read a lot of the dev posts on what this is and still don't grasp what it's all about. I need to actually play the system and see the mechanics at work. I'm still unsure of how the Duty Officer system will be played, at its most basic, so don't have any idea on how it will help a person level through PVE. It might, but from what I've read it came across as a side feature. And not something you use to level with. If that's the case, it's really not addressing the issue the KDF faces either. But like I said, I could be way wrong on this.

So ... in conclusion ... yeah, there's some stuff in season 4 for Klingons. But other than a couple of early on missions which is the one area the KDF basically gets to skip unlike the federation, there's nothing really addressing the problem of levelling in PVE. The big gaping hole in the faction. The problem people have been asking about since beta. The huge difference in content available to go from level 10 to 51 on the fed side, that has about a dozen missions or so to use on the Klingon side.

Thanks for open PVP. That'll let some people seriously vent their frustrations. But ... the levelling gap is still there.