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06-18-2011, 08:14 AM
I just had another (good?) idea.
After testing the Galaxy -R, especially the Battle mode i thought that it would be nice to have a ship that permanently like this (of course a bit weaker fo the sake of balance.)
What about making the Dauntless similar to the Galaxy -R in battle mode?
Of course it has to be a bit weaker, but i think it would be fun to have something like a light, agile and fast tactical focused cruiser.

What do you think about this:

Tac: Lt. + Ensign
Engineering: Cmdr. + Lt.
Science: Lt.
(Maybe) Universal: Ensign

4 Fore; 3 Aft
Devices: 3

Enineering: 4
Science: 2
Tac: 2 or 3

Turn rate and initia like the Galaxy -R in Seperated mode.
Hull: 35000
Power: +5 Weapons, +5 Engines (or Shields)

The ship itself (the model) should be bigger than shown in the show, i thing the size of a Akira class or a bit shorter than a Excelsior would be sufficient.

Live long and prosper.