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06-18-2011, 08:23 AM
Hmm, point taken. Considering I am running two copies of rapid Fire, I guess there is alot to be gained in using more cannons over other weapon types.
The energy drain on firing three DHC's would be, I'd imagine, quite sizable. 36 weapon power points per volley? Plus the turrets, which is another 24 points... Yikes. Might it be wise to drop a turret or two? Or is that pretty normal?

At the moment I think I may be leaning toward the Advanced Escort. The tactical officer layout is right, and I like the fact that there is an extra sci slot (though I'd prefer if it was a Lt.Comm sci, instead of Ens. and Lt. ). Pity the standard shield value is lower though. According to the STOwiki, the fleet and advanced have ~230 points lower shield value than the MVAE and Tactical-R.