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06-18-2011, 09:37 AM
An excellent idea!!! In essence, that would be increasing the dev team's size by letting the community pitch in. Story content is definately the biggest issue regarding the KDF. My opinion is those missions would have to tackle the KDF perspective of the story. I'm all for this.

Additionally, there are a few other things that would need to be addressed:

1) With the galaxy opening up to the KDF (come S4), the KDF need two new "gateways" to access areas of the galaxy as quickly as the Feds can. Connections from Omega Leonis to Alpha Centauri & Alpha Trianguli would solve this problem.

2) The KDF would need two more "social areas" (starbases or planetary facilites) to match the Fed's Sierra-9 & DS9. They should be placed in Pi Canis & Alpha Trianguli

3) Rura Penthe needs to open up & become a social area. NOT as a R&D facitlity (like Memory Alpha), but as the prison we know it is. To my understanding, the Devs are working on this already.

4) KDF's version to the Fed's Diplomacy Corps. Again, to my understanding, the Devs are working on this already.

Other then the other issues players have brought up (new ships, races, unform items, etc), the KDF can get on the same level as the Feds.