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06-18-2011, 11:38 AM
Thanks all for your support and input; it is greatly appreciated.

Originally Posted by Shakkar View Post
The Spotlight missions turned out to be a lot of trouble to port over to regular missions. My guess is the devs wont go for having to rework them to be regular missions. Instead I believe the best answer is to just give the best missions proper rewards and keep them in the Foundry. Your idea would be better in a perfect world, but then in a perfect world they'd have the resources to just make each faction equal in content.
The difficulty in porting was from Tribble to Holodeck. I wasn't suggesting reworking them but "remastering" them, giving them the once over and adding a little polish (polish and features that, most likely, are not available to the Foundry author).

[The development team is already able to copy the missions, as is, from Foundry to their system. In fact, this is what has been done in the past to help authors find and correct problems in their missions.]