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Duty Officers
Players will be able to collect a roster of junior "duty officers" (Doffs) that may either be slotted into the Active Roster of your crew complement, or alternatively sent out on assignments in return for rewards including skill points, bridge officer points, items, duty officer and bridge officer candidates, commendation points, energy, Merit/Honor among other types of rewards.

Duty officers will include both active-duty Starfleet and KDF personnel as well as some few civilians. Most duty officers will be able to both be slotted into your active roster or to be sent on assignment, meaning you will have to judge carefully the pros and cons of each allocation. There are planned to be set bonuses of similar (or diverse) selections of duty officers, though the full extent of this remains to be determined.

Duty officers that can be assigned to your crew's active roster will have a special passive ability based on the officer's specialization. For example, a tractor beam engineer specialist might provide a chance to proc an additional effect whenever you use a tractor beam. There are be separate Space and Ground active rosters. The number of active roster slots you have will vary depending upon your captain's rank.

It is possible to stack different duty officers of the same type, though there are some stack limits. For example, it is possible to fill your entire active roster with Science branch duty officers, though you might only be able to put a maximum of three Warp Theorists in your active roster at any one time.

In addition to specialization, duty officers are also distinguished by species (which sometimes have associated traits), quality (usually expressed as rank), rarity (loosely tied to quality) and gender.

Branches are: Tactical, Engineering, Science
Departments are: Tactical, Security, Engineering, Operations, Science, Medical

Rarity is: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Very Rare
Quality is: White, Green, Blue, Purple

In the Federation, Humans are Common while Andorians, Tellarites and Vulcans are Uncommon. All other Federation species are Rare or Very Rare (the latter only currently used for Federation Klingons, I believe).

In the Klingon Empire, Klingons are Common while Orions, Nausicaans and Gorn are Uncommon. Letheans are Rare.

Rarity affects the likelihood of that particular duty officer becoming available through one of the various random mechanics for gaining duty officers - note, however, that not all mechanics are random, and even the "random" mechanics have rules. For example, you might be presented with an "Andorian Cultural Exchange" assignment that has a reward of one or more Andorian duty officers. Rarity is currently 1 Very Rare to 10 Rares to 100 Uncommons or 400 Commons, but this will almost certainly be tweaked once we see how it plays out on Tribble.

Quality affects the chance of success and critical success when that duty officer is put on an assignment, and also the duty officer's passive ability effects when put on your active roster.

Rarity and quality are correlated, but not rigidly linked - rarity is Common, Uncommon, Rare, Very Rare. Quality is White, Green, Blue, Purple. For the Federation, a Human of White quality is Common, while an Andorian of White quality is Uncommon. For the Klingons, a Klingon of White quality is Common, while an Orion of White quality is Uncommon. For assignments, quality and rarity is, however, linked, with Common always correlating to White quality, Uncommon with Green, and so on.

Example Progression
Human White: Common
Human Green: Uncommon
Human Blue: Rare
Human Purple: Very Rare

Vulcan White: Uncommon
Vulcan Green: Rare
Vulcan Blue: Very Rare
Vulcan Purple: Very Rare

Saurian White: Rare
Saurian Green: Very Rare
Saurian Blue: Very Rare
Saurian Purple: Very Rare

Example Ranking
White: Crewman, Bekk (KDF)
Green: Petty Officer, Technician, Ensign, Specialist, Corporal (KDF)
Blue: Chief Petty Officer, Chief Warrant Officer, Lieutenant Junior Grade, Senior Specialist, Sergeant (KDF)
Purple: Master Chief Petty Officer, Lieutenant, Senior Chief Specialist

Specializations are broken out by department and currently range from three to nine specializations - this is subject to change and may be added to or deleted from during development.

Example Specializations
Tactical: Conn Officer, Energy Weapons Officer, Shield Distribution Officer
Security: Security Officer, Assault Squad Officer, Armory Officer
Engineering: Diagnostic Engineer, Fabrication Engineer, Warp Core Engineer
Operations: Flight Deck Officer, Quartermaster, Explosives Expert, Tractor Beam Officer
Science: Astrometrics Scientist, Warp Theorist, Botanist, Research Lab Scientist
Medical: Doctor, Nurse, EMH, Biochemist, Counselor
Civilian: Bartender, Chef, Trader, Diplomat, Prisoner, Colonist

Species Traits include things like: Teamwork, Founders of the Federation, Stubborn, Honorable, Congenial, Telepathic, Spiritual, Seductive, Aggressive, Resilient, Peaceful, Logical, Emotional, Efficient, Eidetic Memory, Unscrupulous.

Despite common names, these traits work differently on duty officers than similarly named traits on players or bridge officers.

Duty officers can be acquired via:
  • Initial set based on character rank
  • Assignment rewards (most commonly Recruitment category, but not exclusively)
  • Commendation achievement rewards
  • Trading and the Exchange
  • C-Store purchase of packs

We are also planning on making sure they are available directly or indirectly through PvP.

Duty officers do not currently exist outside your duty officer interface; long-term we would like to have them appear on the inside of your ship.

Duty officers cannot be customized, nor can they directly gain experience. Assignments duty officers are put on can, however, award bridge officer points and commendation category experience points.

The vast majority of duty officers will be tradeable and available on the Exchange. This latter functionality may or may not be immediately available at release of the initial system - depends on timing for some things.

For every one of the standard species it is possible to get a duty officer for every specialization and quality. There also exist special unique duty officers with bonus or different traits and/or active roster abilities.

The standard C-Store pack has been revised several times and will probably be revised several more times before it even goes to Tribble. Currently, it consists of four guaranteed Commons, two Uncommons or better and one Rare or better. Note that rarity does not necessarily imply quality, although there is a loose correlation; some rare species are rare regardless of that particular duty officer's quality.

Effective value is not simply a matter of having the highest quality duty officers, but also the appropriate selection. For example, it does me little good to have four Purple quality Doctors if I have no interest in running Medical assignments and really want to run Colonial assignments, for which I need Quartermasters. Moreover, number matter as well - if I want to run multiple simultaneous Colonial assignments in an effort to maximize my advancement on the Colonial track, it isn't enough that I have one Blue or Purple Quartermaster, I might actually statistically be better off with three White quality Quartermasters.

Characters, whether existing or new characters who haven't bothered to open the system, will be given a stock set of duty officers based on your character's rank. The stock set is intended to allow you to start playing with the system and to start filling out your active roster, but will be basic.