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06-18-2011, 07:21 PM
Originally Posted by Heretic
Very Rare is currently only being used for Federation Klingons and maybe one other. It's a catch for those things that should be very, very uncommon. Note that this doesn't affect quality - all species can still be all qualities. When we add new species (other than uniques, for which the concept of rarity doesn't really mean anything) if one comes up that seems to fall into this super-rare classification on the Klingon side, then we'd put it there. [...]
first thanks heretic for your time to post this on saturday evening and thanks for your work and the rest of the team .

mhh i think on klingon side would be any starfleet officer of any race that had defected grand a "rare" status, i mean it should be alot of but as far we see the series there are defectors.
and another source for very rare officer would be, imho, a liberated duty officer, something like seven for both factions.

just a idea *g*

have a nice weekend.