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06-18-2011, 07:43 PM
Q: How deep is the Duty Officer System?
A: About this deep

Effective value is not simply a matter of having the highest quality duty officers, but also the appropriate selection. For example, it does me little good to have four Purple quality Doctors if I have no interest in running Medical assignments and really want to run Colonial assignments, for which I need Quartermasters. Moreover, number matters as well - if I want to run multiple simultaneous Colonial assignments in an effort to maximize my advancement on the Colonial track, it isn't enough that I have one Blue or Purple Quartermaster, I might actually statistically be better off with three White quality Quartermasters.
Min-Maxers and Strategy Afficionados rejoice!

Previous mission or assignment completion will also be a prerequisite to having certain assignments available. For example, you might have to complete the "Establish Colony in the T'Ong Nebula" assignment before you are offered the "Provide Security against T'Ong Nebula Raiders" assignment.

Which assignments are available will change every few hours, and may also be gated by your captain's rank, what sector you are in, and other achievements.
Is it just me or does this sound like they're adding stories to exploration nebulas?