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06-19-2011, 12:34 AM
Originally Posted by Dunnlang
Another area I would like to see is short term assignments that offer buffs for your ships. Maybe the assignment time is ~30 minutes and it provides a ~30 minute passive buff. This might be something like a sensor diagnostic that would result in a bonus to cloaked ship detection or anomalies received from a scan.
It's been discussed and is a possibility, but temporary buffs are harder to account for than permanent ones such as those from your active roster duty officers, and so we'll have to be careful approaching that kind of thing to make sure the overall combat game balance does not get disrupted.

Originally Posted by meehee View Post
How much of a grind is it going to be from first starting using it, to getting it "levelled" up so its useful ?

I have 7 max level characters so how much of a grind im i going to be facing on each of them to get any benefit out the system ? Im sure many other people remember the massive soul destroying grind it took for VA's to get all the diplomatic experience....

Also will this DOFF system only work when your in space or can you send your doffs away on missions while you are on ground at ESD ?
From the first time you get duty officers - so, probably around the time you make Lieutenant Commander - you can slot these into your active roster and get immediate benefits to both Ground and Space gameplay.

Some of the other benefits do require a fair amount of time spent in ranking up the commendation categories, but we're aware that the current Diplomacy grind is too much for too little reward, so our target will be less painful than Diplomacy currently is. (And, in fact, this system will make it easier to rank up Diplomacy if you haven't already capped it out.)

Assignments are refreshed in sector space and some other social zones (so, ESD probably will allow you to use the system - I need to look into that particular case and make sure it will not cause any problems, though). Other than the possibility of mission-specific assignments embedded in specific ground missions, in general you will not be able to do much if any duty officer assignment during normal ground missions.

Originally Posted by Powerhelm View Post
1. You mention getting an Andorian by accepting an assignment in that "sector" does this mean the Assignments are broken down, not just by sector blocks, but into the actual sectors themselves? Or were you refering to Sectors as in sector blocks?

2. If I have an assignment with a "Trader OR Andorian" requirement and I send an Andorian that is also a Trader does that potential for success go even higher or does the system only acknowledge one aspect or the other?

3. Will assignment rewards be shown the entire time so we can choose to pull officers from that assignment if we find something offering a better reward (without having to memorize the reward that officer was just going for)?
1. Assignments are sometimes general to wherever you are, sometimes to sector block and sometimes to the specific sector - it all depends on the specific assignment. Recruitment assignments are available near the appropriate species' home sector; Military assignments are (mostly) on the border; Colonial assignments are (mostly) in star clusters.

2. Both are taken into account. I actually want to do some additional analysis of the formula to make sure it does what we want, but even as it is now, yes, it takes into account both that you are an Andorian and that you have the Trader trait. In the case of specializations like "Trader" and "Diplomat", if you also have the species traits for trading and diplomatic, you generally will in fact get double the benefit.

3. Assignment rewards will show you what you get on a success only, so not critical success, nor failure nor disaster. Moreover, if the reward is, say, a random blue deflector, you won't see the specific deflector until you complete the assignment, just that it would be a random blue deflector. You will, however, always be able to check up on in-progress assignments, so you can refresh your memory as to what the potential standard reward for success might be.