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06-18-2011, 11:46 PM
In the first post, you've written:

Originally Posted by Heretic
I totaled up the number of duty officers built so far (over 6000) as well as the number of assignments currently built (a bit shy of 1000)
Three questions to this matter:

1. As extensive as you currently have it, with over 6000 duty officers in the system, as well as just shy of 1000 assignments, will you guys also be expanding these numbers as the game evolves? Additional combinations of officers every Seasonal update for example, more assignments on a monthly basis etc.

2. I understand Assignments are given in part by random, in part by your current rank and position in space/ground. What happens when you inevitably "run out" of Assignments to do? Once you've completed the "just shy of 1000 Assignments", what happens then? The system resets and you are randomly assigned the same assignments?

3. What level of persistence will this system entail? If I complete an assignment involving colonizing "Planet XYZ", and later decide to revisit the same planet, will the game recognize that I previously colonized that planet, and treat me accordingly?