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06-19-2011, 03:47 AM
Originally Posted by BigRedJedi
You know, it's really getting tiring hearing people bash certain Fleets (in particular, TSI) for the 'spamming' of skills that, despite significant issues with their implementation (many of which are currently being or scheduled to be addressed), are working precisely as they were originally intended by the Devs.

If a player or group of players are using skills that are genuinely 'broken' (read: mechanically NOT working as intended, and overpowered), then it is perfectly natural and, I would say, acceptable to call them out on it... And, more importantly, help the Devs to locate and solve the problem with the 'broken' mechanic or skill (ex. the Voldemort exploit, the old FAW DBB bug, etc.).

Is it more fun to play against a so-called 'clean' Fleet, because you last a little longer in combat, and might feel that you have a chance to be competitive? Probably, but who gets to decide what is 'clean'? Most of the top-tier PvP-focused fleets will 'police' themselves, particularly when something is officially declared to be 'broken', and avoid the use of these abilities or mechanics, until they are fixed.

One fact will never change, however, and that is that, in the absence of all other factors, the best team in PvP, will win... EVERY... TIME... There are a dozen factors that contribute to being the 'best team', but that is the penultimate conclusion, the team that is the 'best' will win every time.

The Fleets out there that are recognized as the best, whether it is TSI, QEW, Lore, WoG/SoG, EMS, etc. (No, that is not an all-inclusive list. ), are not the best because they use 'broken' mechanics, they are the best because they work together; they are intimately familiar with each other's builds and playing styles; they understand the mechanics of the game, better than anyone, and find combinations that are powerful; and they put in the time practicing, always looking to get better. Is a FAW/SS-heavy team difficult to overcome? Absolutely... If it's a team that really knows what they are doing (TSI, for example), it might be impossible for a less-skilled team to overcome, but even in the face of abilities that probably are a little more powerful than any comparable alternatives, the final results are always more dependent on the quality of their teamwork, rather than the strength of their builds.

To hate losing is absolutely understandable and absolutely okay, but it should motivate you to get better, not to complain that you were beaten by a better team (Note: this is not directed at the OP, specifically, but in a general sense...). I know that I am always looking for ways to improve both my builds and my playing ability (both for myself, and in a team), and when I get defeated by a superior opponent, I try to understand how and why they beat me, rather than getting upset 'that' they beat me. My goal in every PvP match is to learn something that I didn't know before, and if you take this to heart, I think that you'll find that PvP is a much more enjoyable experience, even when you're being beaten.

As for the complaints about those certain Fleets, especially TSI, QEW, or any of the other top-tier Fleets, you only do a disservice to yourself by complaining about what they do. Instead, the next time that you get curb-stomped by an opponent, ask someone on there team "What do you guys do differently than we do, that makes you so effective?"... I have a lot of respect for the guys from those top-tier Fleets, they're all better players than I am, and any time that I have the chance to learn from them, it's a great thing... More importantly, in most cases, I know that they're willing to help and offer advice, but all you have to do is ask...

-Big Red

Full disclosure: I neither am, nor have I ever been a member of TSI (they're about three leagues above my ability ), but I respect their abilities and don't believe that they deserve the criticism that they receive on a regular basis.
Great post. Laudable ethics. /salute