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# 1 New K't'inga contest
06-19-2011, 05:59 AM
You know this has probably already been discussed but I couldn't find any reference to it anywhere.

It just hit me... There was a contest to design the new Enterprise. Well, what about a contest to design a new K't'inga? This ship is by far a favourite of Klingon players. It has mentioned time and time again that we want a REAL K't'inga (you know, the one with the engineering dome on its belly and the bigger bridge, and glowing nacelles, etc...). The K't'inga is to the Klingon Empire what the Enterprise is to the Federation. A symbol. And I wouldn't mind a Qo'noS wa' (Kronos One) skin.

My own drawing skills are hmm... nonexistent but I am quite certain that some of you have ideas for a beautiful new Klingon ship that would capture the essence of the Klingon people: courage, determination, strength and above all else, honour.