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06-19-2011, 08:22 AM
Originally Posted by G.Cockburn
Just to make something absolutely clear; if I have in my list of Commissioned Officers a Science Boff, and I assign that Science Boff as my Chief Medical Officer, then I will recieve whatever bonus abilities would be granted by that post even if they are not slotted ANYWHERE on my ship?

Assuming that my understanding is correct Heretic, are there any plans to have Department Heads interact during normal gameplay? For example, if I'm doing a mission to save a colony from a disease, will my CMO now be the one who hails me and talks it over, rather than the highest-ranking Science Boff assigned on my current ship? While in theory such interaction would be cool, be aware that it rather ruins things for those of us who plan to have a unique Bridge Crew for each of our endgame ships; it's a little immersion breaking to be hailed by the CMO Boff from my Defiant-R when I'm actually flying my Nebula, and am roleplaying that an entirely different Boff is the CMO of that ship.

Final question, only very tangentially related; are we ever going to have the ability to promote one or more of our Boffs to the rank of Captain(note; without turning them into a player character)? It seems a little odd to me that some of the most advanced ships in Starfleet are apparently under the command of Commanders rather than Captains. And failing that, can we at least have the ability to put Captain pips on them in the character editor?
The first paragraph sounds close, but not quite. Duty Officers are distinctly different from Department Heads. A DO could be slotted into a position, maybe lead surgeon, and provide the bonus for the entire ship or on ground engagements. The bonus would only be available while the DO is slotted in that position. They could not be used for assignments at the same time they are actively serving in their slot.

Your Department Head is a Bridge Officer. If you wanted to free up the Lead Surgeon slot, you could have your existing Surgeon teach his/her skills to your CMO BOff. The CMO BOff would retain the passive bonus the DO had as Lead Surgeon, but the DO would be lost in the process. This is called "eaten", but consider it more of being reassigned to a ship in the fleet that needs their expertise.

For the second paragraph, I agree mostly. I would love to see Foundry hooks for the various positions available on the ship. This will likely be a ways off though, since technically the Department Head positions do not even exist right now.

Third paragraph: I do not expect to see promoting BOffs to Captain rank for a while. I believe they are trying to slow down the addition of clickable powers to the system and your tray. I had proposed promoting the BOff to a Captain of their own ship, that could be assigned to missions off screen (now seen in the DOff system!!!) and accompany you in space for particularly epic missions. That feature made it on to one Engineering Report, but has since slipped again in favor of making an Alt from one of your BOffs. I know that neither system addresses your concern, but maybe you can appreciate their desire not to add more powers to combat.