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06-19-2011, 08:13 AM
Originally Posted by Lord-Ice
The way I see it, it already has a nerf:

It's an Escort. Low hull. Someone could set traps against one of these things, and here's how:

Step 1 - Set up a ship as "bait". Preferably this would be a Tank setup (LRSV Retrofit recommended; Deploy Armor upon attack), to survive the first barrage.

Step 2 - Tank and/or allied attacking ship locks a Tractor Beam (You know, that nifty BOff power that holds and disables cloak. If you can, use the Assimilated Tractor Beam from the Borg set to steal all their power) while the other ships batter your little Defiant down.

Step 3 - Once the Tractor Beam wears off (it's only got max 10 seconds), set up a trap of Charged Particle Bursts and Eject Warp Plasmas to re-disable cloak to finish the job.

Step 3 (Alternative) - Get an Advanced Research Science Vessel (Nebula) Refit and pop Tachyon Detection grid before he cloaks again, so as to have great stealth-sight and hit him while he's cloaked (because shields will be DOWN).

Step 4 - ???

Step 5 - Profit!

So yeah, just make sure you can survive long enough for your friends to beat it down. You do have friends, don't you?
Well what happens when your friends aren't there? Sit there and be Defiant chow? The problem is its nigh impossible to detect cloaked ships with the exception of:

1. The Tachyon Detection abilities of the Nebula and its Retro (Both are ugly, so I will sooner pilot a tin can)

2. You physically bump their invisible wall (which has a 1 in a million chance to happen on a gigantic PvP map)

The scenarios you describe are just too specialized, so the average Joe can't do anything. I fly an Assault cruiser and every time I get creamed on 1 shield face, no matter how many heals and buffs I pop, I can't do anything, and even the redirect shield strength ability isn't fast enough to match enemy DPS. On top of that, it buzzes around everywhere making it almost non targetable and then, when it has borg gear equipped, its practically impossible to get its shields and hull below 80%.