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06-19-2011, 08:15 AM
Originally Posted by Nemesis_Wolfheart
I agree, A friend of mine is one of those 3 second killers.. but with the appropriate BO setup he was not only beatable.. but his 3 seconds, became a long drawn out battle that he didn't want. Mind, in the end the Defiants maneuverability over my MVAM Prometheus gave him the win, but he had to earn it. They're beatable so don't whine about it. Just make yourself a better build, or better yet.. stay out of 1v1 matches since that seems to be your weak spot.
Yeah, your MVAM. The only ship that can actually stand a chance against it other than itself. Now it just sounds like "you have to spend a crap-load of cryptic points to be able to beat these people.