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Originally Posted by Strorus
Could you clarify the Department Heads eating the Doff skills/passives... I my understanding is that the active roster is broken into the six departments you mentioned... Science, Medical etc. and you can slot 3 Doffs in to each department?

So when you assign a department head that Boff gets the skill and passives etc from thos three Doffs... Ok, so do those Doff disappear or for you to assign new Doff to the roster, or do the DOff stay as your Staff?
Your active roster could be all Science duty officers, or all Tactical officers, or all Engineering officers, or any mix thereof. There are restrictions on the number of particular specializations; for example, while you might be able to have everyone on your active roster be from the Medical branch, you still could only have three of them be of the Nurse specialization.

Duty officers eaten by bridge officers destined to be a Department Head are gone as soon as they are eaten.

Originally Posted by Asakara
I can understand not wanting to see a cutscene over and over.

I had hoped they could have had a small shuttle come and go without a cutscene.. Like a Del Taco shuttle pet type thing which would fly away from your ship (and eventually return) as you travel through sector space.
The problem is that the duty officer assignment interface takes up a big chunk of the screen, so unless you had a monster monitor, you wouldn't be able to see the shuttle. Geko would really like to do this, though, so we're still looking into something like when you close the window it activates the effect...but that might require tech.

Originally Posted by G.Cockburn
Just to make something absolutely clear; if I have in my list of Commissioned Officers a Science Boff, and I assign that Science Boff as my Chief Medical Officer, then I will recieve whatever bonus abilities would be granted by that post even if they are not slotted ANYWHERE on my ship?

Assuming that my understanding is correct Heretic, are there any plans to have Department Heads interact during normal gameplay? For example, if I'm doing a mission to save a colony from a disease, will my CMO now be the one who hails me and talks it over, rather than the highest-ranking Science Boff assigned on my current ship? While in theory such interaction would be cool, be aware that it rather ruins things for those of us who plan to have a unique Bridge Crew for each of our endgame ships; it's a little immersion breaking to be hailed by the CMO Boff from my Defiant-R when I'm actually flying my Nebula, and am roleplaying that an entirely different Boff is the CMO of that ship.

Final question, only very tangentially related; are we ever going to have the ability to promote one or more of our Boffs to the rank of Captain(note; without turning them into a player character)? It seems a little odd to me that some of the most advanced ships in Starfleet are apparently under the command of Commanders rather than Captains. And failing that, can we at least have the ability to put Captain pips on them in the character editor?
If your Science bridge officer ate two Doctors and a Nurse, the Doctors and the Nurse would go away. If you slotted your Science bridge officer as your Medical Department Head, those Doctor and Nurse passive abilities would kick in.

Regarding hailing, I would like to see it as you describe it and it's a known issue, but it is actually pretty far out of my area so I cannot really comment intelligibly on the likelihood of it. It's true that Department Heads are not associated with specific ships, though of course you could switch them when you switched ships.

As for promoting bridge officers to Captain, that is also, I am afraid, out of my area, so I can't actually answer that.

Originally Posted by Tyron_Jara
Ive heard DOFFS cant be promoted in rank but they come in all different ranks like crewman up to lt.JG. Will there be any system were we can promote doffs?
Duty officers come in various ranks up to lieutenant junior grade, if I recall correctly. You cannot promote them. While I won't categorically rule out that it will never be possible, it actually would cause some issues with other systems, so I doubt it will.

Originally Posted by Dreadnought05 View Post
Will the Operations sub-department, which is part of engineering, require an Engineering Bridge Officer to promote to Department Head or Science (given that things like Hazard Emitters are more internal, ship-based Operations than science). I have my 'Operations' Science officer wearing engineering gold on his uniform, rather than teal, so I'm hoping he can get the HoD position.
The different departments will require a bridge officer of the appropriate branch. So, yes, your Operations bridge officer must be an engineer, while your Tactical or Security department heads must be a tactical officer.