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06-19-2011, 03:34 PM
Originally Posted by kaos1337 View Post
Well, I'll say this; my post was pointed toward the devs more so than that particular fleet. @BigRedJedi, we all see exactly how they play and as you suggested I will and have said something. As far as complaining goes I'm addressing the issue and if no one addresses an issue it will be assumed that it is in fact a non-issue so I suppose I'm doing my part. I get beaten ( a lot some days ) and I, just as you analyze my own build, make necessary adjustments to it or my play style as I see fit. But not obfuscate the issue, players will continue to abandon PvP ( which means less fun for all who love PvP ) and I'm sure no one here wants that.
it may have been point towards the devs, but calling out a fleet is not the way to go about getting their attention. its more likely to have the thread closed then anything else.