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06-19-2011, 08:46 PM
guys, you're not getting the point of Argo.

Argo is name for Shuttle that carries the Dune Buggy Vehicle which CARRIES same name. the point of that vehicle, you don't always have to FLY, when you can do fun things on Ground like getting some Wicked Air, which what Captain Picard did in Nemesis.
we can get to do things we never got to do for example, we even don't have Ground vehicles that would help us to move if we're unable to fly Shuttle or beam in, or have been restricted from using transporters, Shuttles. then our Ground Vehicle is our only Option to move on Ground.
to plainly put it in..
we will need that if Devs plans to do that in season 6 or 7 i'm not sure, but i got feeling that they will restricted us on Certain Planets that Require Use of Ground Vehicles like ARGO.
get the point of what i'm saying?