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06-19-2011, 10:16 PM
"Hidden Intelligence"
Run with: 1) Commander 3 Reniara, Joined Trill Science Officer; 2) Commander 1 T'Rissa, Vulcan Tactical Officer; 3) Vice Admiral Tarania, Human Engineering Officer

I admit that there were some details I missed on the first run through (my notes weren't nearly long enough), so I did it twice more. I really like how this mission doesn't require the prior mission to get into. The events (and resolution) of the first mission are summarized in the early parts of this mission. Very nice touch!

A suggestion: After talking to the Physical Sciences Researcher (after the console), a prompt to beam up would be good. Not sure if it's possible, being in an open zone and all.

Slight typo after the thing in the transporter room ("It wasn't an agressive action...", should be 'aggressive').

After analyzing the asteroid in Gateway, the Engineering officer goes on quite the run-on, stream of consciousness style ("There are also indications of a collision with some kind of ship I can't determine what kind it was but I'd be surprised from the damage if its crew made it alive to the planet.")

"The Blob's fleeing! Quick, after it!" (apostrophe needed since it's only one blob)

After the "We might have killed it" dialogue, the player's response is missing an "all" (right).

The authentication code puzzle is AWESOME! Is it possible to randomize it though? I used the same code on all three characters.

Post transport from the crate, the new thing's Science officer dialogue needs a space ("This is speech. If I can just calibrate my tricorder to read thevibrations....).

During the conversation with "it" (trying not to spoil anything), during the 'Where are you from?" dialogue, the player's response (one of them) is "And then you found youself at Memory Alpha?" The other choice is "and then I took you to Memory Alpha" (the 'a' should probably be capitalized).

Fredicks Kessel?

Cargo entry: "Necessary for this particular cargo as its phasic abilities allow it go through any force field or small area required to reach any part of the ship to allow it to 'eat' the baryon particles it finds there." (Could to a 'to' there and perhaps broken up a bit?)

The quiz at the end was a nice touch too!

Five stars, easy. I need to do it a few more times to check out how the various responses and combinations differ, but the mission itself is excellent. One odd thing I noticed though. This mission doesn't seem to give the 11sp/50 BO sp thing like other diplo missions do (or any diplo xp). Is that a bug?