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06-19-2011, 10:23 PM
Originally Posted by Kilawpilath View Post
I'm not a fan of powers that, while intended to do one thing, instead works perhaps too well at what it's suposed to be doing in other areas. The best 2 examples of that statement right now are FAW and Scramble Sensors 3.

We all know what they can do normally in PVE.. We know what happens when they get used in PVP.

So I'm in agreement that there should be a more personal policing of powers like these so that they don't get abused and ruin everyones fun.

And to those fleets that abuse anything that is broken just to get an edge, I say that you should all find another game to play. We don't want your kind here. Just because you may not enjoy Star Trek online and want to use it's problems to force others to not enjoy it, doesn't mean it's the right thing to do. It's just the stupid thing to do.

Just be lucky that using those powers wasn't actually called an exploit. Because if it were truelly an exploit, and an offense worthy of reporting, I'm sure you wouldn't be so willing to use it.. Other wise you would have wasted what money you, your family, or your friends helped to spend on this game.

And that, would be the dumbest thing of all..

I agree but the devs of this game do not care about the nuts and bolts of this game. I send a ticket in about the extra commander Boff and the next day all my tickets are cleared. I offer to send a screen shot of someone I caught cheating 6 months back and it is not considered proof, I was told sceenies are not evidence. So how exactly are we to police ourselves when this game does nothing about exploits, hacks, or bugs. I mean really how many people have actually had their account shutdown because they were caught hacking, exploiting, or otherwise being under handed in this game. The lag bug, everyone that had the extra shield or tac console where it should not should have been kicked out of the game it isn't like offender can say "I didn't know you couldn't put a shield there". Personally I think the lag bug wasn't completely fixed either.

Really why waste my breath it will all get explained away by some one higher up on the PvP food chain.