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I've bugged this but it is never mentioned nor fixed so I'm beginning to think that this is something that only affects me. Is that so? Does anyone else experience the same problem?


In fleet settings there are the following options
  • Create new Fleet event
  • Take over Fleet event from lower Fleet rank
  • Take over Fleet event from equal Fleet rank
  • Remove Fleet event

These settings doesn't do anything. I as a Fleet leader have all permissions listed above. But I can't do the second to fourth options.

If someone make an event and sets it to repeat, then due to inactivity eventually gets removed from the fleet, no one can edit, take over or remove the event. You're stuck with it for ever.

An other bug is that if you set an event to repeat and then cancel it, it will never go away.

Not forgetting the problem with the event time that keeps changing without anyone changing it. Add one minute subtract one minute.

These problems needs to be fixed ASAP.

And when you're at it put in a new feature that can be activated with a check box: "Announce the start of this event in the following subscribed channel" then you get to pick from a list just like the one in the chat box.

Also these sub-options should be added to the UI: "Announce the start of this event ahead of time" INPUT TIME INCREMENT : INPUT NUMBER OR TIMES

Only send these reminders to those who have RSVP (accept/maybe).

This way the event can be announced in the specified subscribed chat channel two hours before it starts, one hour before it starts and when it starts. So those signed up to the channel gets the chance to sign up or those signed up gets reminded to get ready.

I find the game bug system and support to be very strange. File a bug report, nothing happens. Contact support with a problem, they usually refile it as a bug report and then nothing happens. One would think that the support would have access to everything in the game including my account so they can for instance go in to my bank and delete an item that I can't remove, or open a mail I can open, or enter a fleet event calendar and clean it up. Apparently they don't seem to be able to do any of these things. I find that very strange.