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Not sure if this idea has been tossed around or not, but I thought I'd introduce this topic.

For those of you who don't know what a Master Systems Display is, it's the big monitor on the bridge or engineering that shows a cutaway of the ship (or station). Memory Alpha Link, they're also known as Okudagrams.

Now, for a geek like me, I love looking at these things. There are all kinds of these things on the internet, some fanmade, some 'official'. I have over a dozen of them saved on my computer, mostly the ones referencing the current ships I own/captain in-game. Obviously, this hints that a good deal of my ships are from the films and television shows.

Some of these cutaway diagrams are very detailed. They point out all the various parts of the inner workings of the ship, and identify certain things that might otherwise be unknown to the viewer.

Bek Palar of the First Fleet recently was given the U.S.S. Tasaki (NCC-95140), which belongs to the Monarch-class of ships. And as I began inspecting the various details of the ship... I couldn't help but wonder...

What is this particular area of the ship? What is that supposed to be? How many decks are there? Just how advanced is this ship, just by looking at what it's like on the inside?

And that got me to thinking even more...

Just why does the Imperial-class have all those ship details? What functions do they serve? What do they do? Just what does the inside of a Dervish-class escort look like? What are the crew quarters like? Just how does the Trident-class Deep Space Science Vessel do its job? How advanced IS that sensor pod?

You get the picture, right?

Now, maybe I am the only person that thinks this deeply about my ships. But part of the Star Trek Experience is the explanations of just how all this magnificent technology works, and I don't think STO should be exempt. To the contrary, I'd really like to see what makes these Cryptic-designed ships tick. From the inside.

Star Cruisers, Variants of 'canon' ships, and other ships we see in our everyday lives in the 25th century... I want to learn about them all. More importantly, I want what the captains of these ships think about the vessels they proudly lead from one end of the Alpha Quadrant to the other.

What do you think this detail on your ship does? What purpose does it have? You're the one commanding the ship, after all.

Of course, it would be nice to have CapnLogan go into detail regarding the Monarch or Magellan. But the man is clearly busy. Does Cryptic Studios have any plans to devote artists to fleshing out the inner workings of their designs and enriching the Star Trek feel of the game? Their artists are probably busy elsewhere.

So maybe it'll be up to the players with artistic talent (I'm not one of them), to show off what their top-of-the-line ship is made of (No, really... if you know the alloy composition, tell me!)

This is purely for fun, of course. What do you say?