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06-20-2011, 02:21 AM
With respect, In the last 48 hours I've been Fawed to a silly puddle on the floor by the same TSI mvam escort, yall know who i'm talking about...and I was SS chained tonight by another. I read alot of posts like these that say X fleet doesn't do X, but I seem to only encounter the opposite. whether the outcry meets the offense is debatable, but not this easily dismissed either. Probably a small few naughty bad apples giving me the wrong impression I'm sure . I think its great however that fleets are making the effort to minimize broken mechanics influence on pvp gameplay through their members, even if one or two fleeties keep on using them its still a step in the right direction and makes those few peeps usage seem tolerable.

For the record my only issue with SS is that abilities like Evasive Maneuvers doesn't work while scrambled, as if its a targetable ability ect... If small bugs like that were to be fixed within the ability, it doesn't seem that evil to me.

Edit: Naughty mvam switched to cannons! *Salutes to the pilot...Hes still pretty deadly tho.