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06-20-2011, 03:03 AM
Originally Posted by Warpstalker
This until they fix it.

Seriously, you should not be able to one shot people...
When Dalnar hits my 31,5% all resist ship with a 40k phaser lance (first hit only), there is something wrong... (100% hull and shields to boom in a second).
You forget it was all tactical buffs up, you were tractored for 0 speed (thus the extra accuracy was transfered to crit severity),debuffed with FOMM and the lance did CRIT ! And I always use EPtW before it for extra dmg. That reminds me, I should get EPtW III for maximum potential, I'm missing that and its extra 10% dmg :p

There is nothing wrong with the lance. It does miss most of the time, and to actually aim it is titans feat, with the awesome turn rate it does. And I need tractor beam for it, which lowers my tanking potential, at least until I get full borg set.