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06-20-2011, 04:20 AM
i just donít understand this pvp resistance, this is the only game i have ever played were people want to play in the sandbox instead of the jungle jim. Does getting blown up and respawning break your immersion or something? The pve grind is so boring, the npc's are so easy to fight, i donít see how any of you are having any fun. Trying pvp at max level and getting made a fool of in 5 seconds and swearing off pvp forever is a the worst way to go about things. all of you who donít pvp, or hate pvp need to start a new character and pvp from level 1, or 5 or whatever, then you will learn how to be good at it while the build complexity level slowly increases tier to tier. Fighting all those npc's has taught you bad habits and been a disservice to your skill level, it doesnít matter how bad your items or weapons are, you will win every time. iíd love for everyone to give it an honest chance, and to ask questions if you cant figure out what your doing wrong, there are plenty of people on here happy to help get more people into pvp