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06-20-2011, 07:47 AM
Originally Posted by wildmugato View Post
Something needs to be done..cstore is getting to crazy with all these things..Next they will sell STO bottled water and air to breath on the C-store.. Comon peeps lets ease off the making some bucks on this and that in your store. Does, "NICKLE AND DIME" ring a bell? getting tired of real life doing it, now a game is doing it too. Not a happy customer.

Was looking forward to getting the NEW BO's cat peeps for my Cat Captain. Then I saw thew were 100 CP a piece. I was like WTF? I wanted a whole crew of them.. If I do that that will cost me a fortune in CP or your ATARI token things.

If I make a FED Klingon ,I can get a Kling BO crew for free.. same with the other races.. WTF ?

Something needs to be looked at when it comes to these BO's They should NOT be a C-store Item.

Nothing needs to be done. I've said this many times before, if you don't like it, don't pay for it. And i understand the STO bottled water and air is sarcasm, but in all fairness, the C-Store is no way as bad as you make out with that comment. If they were selling endgame Borg items, i could understand your point. But because there is no 'i win' for sale, i don't see how you can say this without coming across as someone who expects everything with a simple click of his/her fingers.

You mention real life, and now games are doing it too? Why shouldn't they? If Mcdonalds can charge x amount for unnecessary wants, why shouldn't game companies do the same? DLC is now part and parcel of gaming, and while we may not like it, we only buy it if we want it (at least that should be the case. I have never felt forced to buy additional content, and neither should anyone else). It seems only by giving you constant free items will make you a happy customer from reading your thread. The majority of what you want, i want, everyone may want is just fluff, and virtual fluff at that.

Because i too would like a Caitian BO, yet i am happy to wait for these and others to be rewards through the Duty Officer system. The C-Store has a habit of making items available for instant gratification. You want them now, you can have them now, but if you hold off and wait, or put in the time to grind away, you can have a good majority of what is on sale without using any other means than your subscription. I'm actually surprised that these BO's are available to place on the exchange, and even more surprised by the comments of how much they are too. I may even pick up one with EC later.
A few examples of how the C-Store has worked alongside the game...

Delta Flyer - Released on the C-Store, months later available to craft. Had this been the only shuttle available at the time, i would have had issue, yet we were all given a shuttle for free. I waited, and crafted, also receiving a Delta Flyer pet which was nice, since i assumed that this would have been tied to the C-Store purchase only. Expect the same or an emblem equivilent to be available in the near future with regards to the Fighters. Dstahl has mentioned they are looking into it.

Melee Weapons - Either buy them, or craft them or rerun Colliseum over and over again for a chance of an even better item. Again, a choice of how you wish to obtain these is catered for all parties.

Ships - A grind and a half but considering other MMO's i have played, it is no different to me. I already have my Intrepid so immediately i am happy. I brought an Oberth and a Gurumba for the C-Store, and likely i will now save my emblems for a D'ykr for my main. From my point of view there are plenty of ships (on the Fed side), and even on the KDF, while there may not be as many, the majority are more stunning in my opinion. Grind away or buy. At least there is an option now in game to obtain these items. It wasn't so long ago that this was an issue.

Costumes - The customisation to begin with is already amazing i feel, and again through playing, we obtain a variety of costumes over time. If you want more, its not a great sum of money, especially if you buy things during sales like i do. Yet it is completely fluff.

Everything i have brought bar one item has been during the sales. If i want something, i'll buy it, and if i don't, i won't. I don't see how this can be such an issue. I don't believe anything in the C-Store will make you a better player, its just want want want for the most part. There is plenty of items i haven't brought and never will, as i am selective with what i want. Having seen how things have progressed in this game, along with the way the C-Store is implemented along side, the two seem to be complimenting themselves nicely to one another (taking the standpoint of seeing the content introduced since Season 3 and coming very soon with Season 4 (just wow so far!)). The C-Store offers things immediately, while the game allows for a good deal to be gotten later and over time. I don't think it is out of control in any way shape or form. We are not forced to buy anything from there, and what is on sale will not make or break the game, make me a better player, or affect my enjoyment of this game in any way, and until we are, i'll stand by my opinion of this.