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06-20-2011, 08:05 AM
the city looked incredible, and i liked the set up. maybe it was me but i found the story hard to follow as to what was going on. maybe it was im not used to the out of character text, or all the klingon names or possibly just not paying enough attention.

was a bit short, would have liked it to have been twice as long.

the opening was confusing as you say go to otha system in eta eridani but on the first goal it says seeda. now seedea (similar spelling) is an actual system in pi canis and it threw me off as after getting to eta i almost turned round to go back to pi canis. i think it could do with some adjustments.

the opening start text when you reach the system should probably say 'begin' rather than 'continue', although thats just a personal thing.

the ending was also very abrupt. needed a closing dialogue from a Bridge officer or something.