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I recently created a mission but I haven't gotten many reviews so I figured the best way to publicise it would be to post the details here.
This is intended to be a reasonably short mission... It is rather dialogue-centric, but it still has a decent amount of combat. I'll probably make one or two more missions which relate to this story, so this can be viewed as a trial. It is on Holodeck (Live), not Tribble (Test).

Title : Spies, Spoonheads And Saboteurs
Author : kyle21davidson
Level : 31+
Allegiance : Starfleet
Time : Should take 20-30 minutes to complete
Starting point : Deep Space Nine, Beta Ursae Sector Block
Promotional video : Spies, Spoonheads And Saboteurs

The video may not be brilliant, as I must admit, I rushed it. It is availible in HD though, which must be a plus.
Anyway, here's a mission summary:

The U.S.S. Glencoe has transmitted a distress signal which was picked up by Admiral Marconi at Starbase Deep Space Nine. He has requested that you investigate. The Glencoe was transporting various prisoners which would make it a tantalising taret to various enemy factions; The Breen, The True Way, The Romulans and especially the Klingons.

Watch out for the optional objectives!