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Originally Posted by Illililili
So our DO can train our BO. If my DO trains my BO in the DO "efficient" skill, does the BO have the old "efficient" skill or the new one, that does something different? If the first, that could really destroy the monopoly that uncommon Saurians have in my ship assignments section, lol.

Can you train more than one DO skill to each BO? If so, is there a limit? Can i buy one of every DO for each of my BO and use them all for training so all of my BO have every skill?

We are limited to 3 DO with specific skills to affect the ship, such as "Nursing" which might give faster crew repair. How many different skills are there? Can I buy enough slots in my BO section from the C-store to have 3 different officers for every single skill in order to maximize my ship?
Duty officer skills and traits and Bridge officer skills and traits are completely different. A bridge officer who eats a duty officer gets exactly the functionality that duty officer had.

Right now, we're looking at bridge officers being able to eat about three duty officers, but that may change or vary depending on other factors.

There are about twenty-five skills now. More will be built eventually, of course. I can't say right now how many more exactly there will be there at launch of the system.

Originally Posted by Tyron_Jara
Will the rank of our duty officers be determined by the rank of the department head? An example would be if we have an ensign BO as a department head can a LT DOFF be used in that department are would there be restrictions like the department head must be higher rank or the equivlant rank of any officers under them?

Also will an ensign human white be better than say a chief petty officer human white ?
Cant wailt for this new system its my favourite thing in season 4
The rank of a duty officer will probably be irrelevant to the rank of the department head, but remember this part of the system still hasn't gone through full due diligence with Software and UI, so things could change.

All whites of the same specialization have the exact same skill as all other whites of the same specialization. They may have different traits, however. Same goes for green compared to green, blue to blue, etc.

Originally Posted by dukedom View Post
I'm a bit curious how you came up with those numbers. Take the 1000 assignments. Sounds fairly much in the start. Divide them into the 12 commendation categories and they become just a bit below 100 per category. Which still sounds quite a bit. Now add into the mix that there are ~50 sectors each faction can enter and each sector 'should' have his own assignments it suddenly looks kind of awkward. How unique are those 1000 assignments?

And the gazillions of duty officers. I know you guys are getting creative with them, much appreciated. The number I'm interested in that bunch of duty officer is how many unique passive abilities there are.
This is a fair question.

We are on-track for the number we expected to have at this time; we are still building more assignments, and I actually expect to keep building more even after the system goes onto Tribble.

Yes, some of these are systemic variations. Some are not. Enough systemic types combined with enough one-offs should - I hope - result in something that feels organic, natural, and appropriate to the sector and circumstance of your character. Whatever the actual final number winds up being, the goal is that the system feel "right", meaning it feels fresh, but you still have a good idea of what the various assignment do when you see them on the list.

(I will note, too, that most assignments do work across sectors; the major exception are those where you are building up to sector-specific perks or possess gated requirements, such as is the case with most of the current Colonial assignments.)

On the question of duty officers, most specializations (of which there are currently about twenty-five or so) and some unique duty officers have one passive ability that becomes active when that duty officer is placed on the player's active roster. A duty officer is a combination of species + quality + specialization + gender = a whole lot of combinations. Uniques are just that - one-offs that do not come in every combination of the above. They may have traits that normally wouldn't come with their species, they may have a completely new passive ability, they may have a unique portrait or not.

Most of those 6000+ or so are, obviously, the result of the above combinatorial system. The number of uniques is more of a moving target, so I can't give you a good number right now.