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06-20-2011, 11:49 AM
This is similar to a suggestion I made about a "Tier 3.5" level of C-Store ships. This would basically put them between the Tier 1 ships which are available for newcomers to the game, (but don't last past Lieutenant) and the Tier 5s that you have to be Rear Admiral of Vice Admiral to purchase. They would be great ships for Captains or even Commanders as an alternative to their normal choices, and could even be used at VA without too much loss of power.

The idea is that they would be armed the same as a Tier 3 ship, with the consoles and device slots of either Tier 4 or Tier 5, but would have a BO layout a little better than Tier 4. For instance, it might have a 5 BO layout like T5, but with no Lt. Cmdr. You still wouldn't be able to get the full use of it at T3, since you wouldn't be able to promote a Commander to fill its slot until you became a Commander yourself. But it would still be more powerful than a T3, if it were allowed to be used at that rank.

The Hull could level up automatically as well, like a Shuttle.

Technically speaking, the Tier 3 ships should all be upgradable to Tier 5, just like the Excelsior and Nebula. So I see no reason not to have a Tier 5 Cheyenne, Akira, and Olympic, other than the fact that the devs simply haven't made them. This would be a great choice for Tier 2 and even Tier 1 ships, though. (Since it's not T5, who cares if it's 100 years old? It's competing against ships of its size class)