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06-20-2011, 03:52 PM
Originally Posted by Alastor_Forthright View Post
What game you playing? Carriers are far from the undefeatable mammoths you guys make them out to be. They've been nerfed so hard from release and now with FAW and C:SV as it is they're pets die within seconds. If they're not, you're either not using FAW/C:SV or got something wrong with your power output. Honestly, since launch the number of pets they can launch has been lowered, their shields have been nerfed, and they only have six total weapons despite being the biggest ship in the game. Even the Kar'fi carrier with its extra weapon slot is more than kill-able.
Well you're right, I don't run FAW in PVP, because when I do, people complain about how it's OP. And I generally do well enough with Overloads and Quantums. But as for PVE like Klingon Scout Force, sure, I use FAW quite a bit.

And considering Klingon PVP is now a PVE fest, maybe I should run FAW in there, as I am a beam-boat, and can't use C:SV. Or I could spec into cannons and be a turret boat

But I don't understand how Birds of Prey are supposed to be coming out of those carriers. I mean, BoPs are not THAT small of a ship. Fighters I could see, but BoPs? It just seems kinda ridiculous.