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Not to mention mines and scorpions. Neither of those have much effect other than making targeting difficult, so you can be pretty sure that when someone bothers to equip scorpions or is circling around in a cloud of mines, they are doing it specifically for the spam.

I wouldn't mind a general reduction in spam (even if numbers are reduced but power is increased), but it's definitely not just Klingons doing it. I'm a bit more tolerant of carriers doing it, since it's not possible to have a carrier without having it carry something.
Mines are a weapon, albeit a stationary one. An easy solution to this is not to limit how many mines can be placed, but to allow targeting beyond 10km for weapons like torpedoes where this would be realistic. This would also help to solve the issue of people fleeing just beyond the 10km targetin range when they're almost dead.

Even in the 1980s, air-to-air missiles had more of a range than 10km -- and that's with a projectile that requires continuous propulsion. 1980s cruise missiles can fly for 1700km. Spam like this would be less relevant with better targeting and longer-range weaponry.

I kind of think this is one of those divisions between PvE-players and PvP-players -- PvE players seem to love combat pets. If you've played other PvP games, think about how many really did a good job of balancing pet classes. As a rule, pet classes are always either too strong or too weak in PvP, because either the player is good without the pets so the pets make them too strong, or the player is balanced around having the pets most of the time so they are too weak when the pets get killed. The other problem is that either the pets are too vulnerable so players kill them a lot, or they are nearly as tough as another player so they don't get killed at all. I can't think of an MMO where they got PvP pets right, they *always* alternate between being underpowered and overpowered. Combat pets are one of those things that really ought to be left out if you design a PvP game -- no one has ever done them well.
I know "pets" is a term from fantasy/magic MMOs like WoW, and I know Cryptic is copying a lot od those mechanics into STO... that's where I think they've gone wrong. It's not that I blame them for copying a winning formula, but I just think that it's stupid within the science fiction concept of Star Trek. I really think the whole model of PVP needs a complete overhaul, from the game types to the relation of the outcome to the ongoing game story. But anyways.