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06-20-2011, 07:38 PM
Originally Posted by Celestial_Fury
Hi! I am looking for informations about Star Cruiser builds and specs but now that ship forums got merged i cannot find what i am looking for.

Anyone can direct me to the right place? I want to know more about Star Cruisers in general and how players are setting their BOs, consoles, weapons and etc...

My char for this ship is an engineer and i want suggestions for Tactical BO, Engineer and Science skills. I also need more information about weapon setup. Id like to know what difference is between having 800 crew and 1000 crew very exactly. I want to know if Attack Patterns Beta or Delta are useful on a SC. I dont want to use FAW so im looking at every options.

So there... I just want infos, learning about creative things players came up with.

Star Cruisers are more or less the best healers/tanks in the game.

The "generic" healboat setup is as follows:

- Lt Tac: TacTeam 1 (or FAW 1/HYT 1), Attack Pattern Delta 1
- LtC Eng: EPtS 1, Aux to SIF 1, EngTeam 3
- Commander Eng: EPtS 1, RSP 1 (or your choice), EngTeam 3, Extend Shields 3
- Ens Sci: SciTeam 1
- Lt Sci: Hazard 1, Transfer Shields 2 (or swap these 2 around.)

You'll likely be running with 25 Weapons/25 Engines/50 Shields/100 Aux to maximize your healing potential.

Attack Pattern Beta is more useful for offensive ships, whereas Delta is absolutely fantastic for healers/tanks.

Weapons setup is up to you, mostly. Common setups include 2 Beams/2 Torps both fore and aft, or you can include mines and such to your liking. Keep in mind that while you can't handle the drain from too many weapons at once, Nadion Inversion will help a lot.