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06-20-2011, 08:24 PM
Originally Posted by Celestial_Fury
Thanks alot for the hints!

While you are there, do you know if having 1000 Crew makes abig difference on a ship. Like the Escort only have a crew of like 50 to 200 while cruisers have 750 to 1000. In game, what does it affects exactly? Only the Repair rate?
Passive (out of combat) hull regeneration. It also impacts the +X component that the various Team skills give you (for example, +Starship Ops with SciTeam), but those values aren't too important and their buffs only last for 5 seconds anyways.

As it currently stands, Crew is utterly useless. The Devs have stated that they want to implement the feature somehow, but it should make no impact on your ship decision at this time.