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06-20-2011, 10:26 PM
Originally Posted by Z3R0B4NG View Post
i would love to one day see a public "bug tracker" so i can see what bugs you are aware of and which ones are unkown... i allways have the feeling like i am the 500 person who writes about that one anomaly in that particular place beeing underground...
I am much like you in that respect, but reports like that have to stay internal for an obvious reason... Exploitation runs rampant if you say to all the playerbase "Here they are, these are fixed, these are not".
I have been out of the STO loop since closed beta(at least up to about a month ago.), but this isn't my first time in an mmo, and beyond that I have been a Special kind of "uber QA Rep"... Top secret stuff.... lol

I know I removed it from the UI part from the quote, but please, dont underestimate UI... Not everyone can see well, hear well/ETC... I personally applaud Cryptic on their UI design, and can only think of a few things I would perhaps consider If I had applied for the UI Design lead way back when(IE: Saving configurations... Multiple Color configurations for color blind people, and I'd probably stylize it a bit more like a "modernized" streamlined LCARS... I could go on, I wont, not the thread for it... Actually, I'm not sure I should be saying anything here.. Oh well, that's what happens when I start talking in one incredibly long sentence, moving from topic to topic, so no one has the chance to interrupt me while I attempt to be quite hypnotic...).
Hmm, OK I'll Shut up now.
(Just cant do it.)
PS, nice to meet a fellow hunter
Thanks for trying to make STO better!

Oh, I do suppose you could try to get on at Cryptic though, not like you could not have that reporting you wanted if you were officially QA at Cryptic.