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06-21-2011, 04:15 AM
Get rid of one EPS console and the RCS console, Your beam heavy and turning wont be an issue with you. The Excelsior turns fine without it for a cruiser. Double up on Plasma distribution manifolds instead to keep your weapons power maxed out especially if your going to be using FaW and Beam Overload. Ive used this build before with a tac captain. Our job is to hit hard. Hit the ceiling with your weapons power and stay there :-D. Youll see better performance out of all those expensive toys. I would also recommend getting rid of torpedo high yield and throw in tac team 1. Get rid of beam overload and throw in attack battern beta and then use torps like hargh peng they dont have any skill points dedicated to them in the skill tree so that saves you points to put into something else and high yield Boff Skill doesnt work with em anyway. 6 beams and two hargh peng torps with your Alpha strike, FoMM, Go down Fighting, and Attack Pattern Beta options will be all you need to do some good damage. I think this build is effiecient and effective and youll notice better results immediatly