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06-21-2011, 07:20 AM
Originally Posted by superlink1 View Post
remember the T5 connie Thread?

Purists vs Roleplayers

bad choice, this happened. you see, Developers do what they want with their STO. and they have to go through process to ask for approval from CBS which deals with Star Trek things. when T5 Connie threads popped up, they asked CBS if they can put it in, and CBS said no, Devs tried this sixth times and they still got the "No" to T5 Connie. Why? because CBS are afraid that their rep might be ruined if the Purists flamed CBS over that. while Roleplayers praised Cryptic for that.

see how this Scene plays out?

you're purist and you're not asking for that. here's problem NOBODY don't get it through their thick heads..


so, i'm saying it you don't want it, you shoulda have leave the thread alone instead of posting it in.

i feel sorry for everyone who don't like that did't THOUGHT to not POST in the threads like this one.

now i hope everyone understands what i'm saying?
I do.

I simply think that expansion is always a good thing. and what the OP is trying to say is that the Argo would not only serve as a cosmetic aspect, but it can give players the OPTION to go about things differently when on ground missions.
Colloseum for instance, could've used an argo.

I know lot's of people see STO as a book, that gets new pages written every week, it's the continuum of the trek verse, but it's also an opportunity to relive things we've seen so far. You have got to understand that. That's why I also have the upmost respect for people who really want a T5 Connie. Do I want to fly a t5connie? No I don't, but there are other things in the trek franchise that speak to my imagination and the beauty of this game is that everyone has the freedom to express theirselves as if they were a part of the franchise. That means more to them then having the highest DPS output, or all crafted mark XI purple gear. No player has the monopoly on what can and can't be done. Though every player has the right to voice their opinion, they do not have the right to judge people on what they would like to see. There is something good to everything.

And by the way, I thought Nemesis was an excellent movie. I love it as much as the poster of it hanging on my wall.