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06-21-2011, 06:54 AM
Originally Posted by Chookhlo View Post
HA? "looks like the grand canyon?" I suppose they could take it as a compliment that you think it reminds you of a national landmark renowned for its breathtaking beauty, but I think you're just being hyperbolic there.
I was just refering to all those unncessary lines and fragmentation that can be found on so many of cryptics uniforms, especially on the Veteran uniform it looks awful IMHO.

Even the so much praised Juptier uniforms feature them:

Originally Posted by Chookhlo View Post
I'll admit I wasn't a big fan of the custom designs the game shipped with, but this was mostly due the monochrome candy-shaded application of colors (the designs themselves have grown on me). However, I really like how much more realistically varied the Jupiter uniforms look, particularly the diamond patterning on the shoulders of #5, and the beautifully subtle leather marbling on the main body of #3, which, along with the waxy and convincingly semi-stiff looking shoulder section makes that one my favorite.
There is just too much stuff on that uniforms for my taste.

Originally Posted by Chookhlo View Post
I think its the same reason the Next Generation and Next Generation film uniforms are among the best of the cloth ones. The textures are realistically mottled and shaded rather than monochrome, lending them the realistic tonal variations found in actual material, without actually approaching photo-realism which would look awkwardly out of place in the game's visual style.
I am not against good looking textures, but i don't like that strange segmentations and stupid color restrictions on especially the jupiter uniforms.

If you are intersted please, be free to take a look at what i don't like about the Jupiter 3 uniform.

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