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06-21-2011, 08:14 AM
Ok thanks guys. You gave me the general idea of what the ideal healing cruiser should be.

Now, as much as i like being resilient in a fight, i am not personnally planning to run my cruiser on lowest weapon setting so anyone came out with an interesting hybrid build with high defense and moderate offense?

I really want to equip beam weapons but the question is do i equip 4 beam arrays or 6 beam arrays? I am tinkering with this right now... If i equip 4 beams then i think i might equip 2 chroniton torpedoes and 2 tricobalt...

Right now my setup looks like this but i am always happy to look at what other people do with their own cruiser: I am RA LH btw, cant equip 35% shield console yet but i plan to

LT Tactical: Tactical Team 1 , Attack Pattern Beta 1
Commander Engineering: EPTAux 1, Engineering Team 2, EPTS 3, Extend Shield 3
LT Commander Engineering: Engineering Team 1, RSP 1, EPTS 3
LT Science: Science Team 1, Hazard Emitter 2
Ensign Science: Polarize Hull 1

Full Aegis set equipped and running at offense power setup ( weapons at 105 ), perma EPTS 3 sets my shields at 120 with 30% resist.

My 3 science consoles are bonus to Emitters. My 2 Tact consoles are Phaser bonus. Engineering are armor x2, SIF bonus console and a power transfer console.

Im gonna go get the borg console today and try get to VA. Ill keep checking the forum Fleetyard to see if more build ideas are being shared.