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# 9 problem solved
06-21-2011, 09:37 AM
Yesterday, I logged into Tribble (Jun 20) after copying my character and the power bar was split in two and I tried to move things around to my liking but they would reset themselves to UGLY and broken, every time.
I was unable to play because of this and went back to Holodeck, where I can move the items around the screen and they stay.

Update: I did not know the power bar (the crew display) could be resized until someone in-game told me.
I resized it by putting my cursor on it's right edge and dragging it. This solved the problem. I have suggested several times that space could be saved by giving players the option to remove the pictures of the crew and/or the crew member names from the bar. This is really important for those of us who play STO on laptops.