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06-21-2011, 08:45 AM
Originally Posted by MelineAaele View Post

For an hybrid build Id try the following :

EP2W1 x2 - EP2S2 x2 - ETeam3 - ASIF2 - Extend3

STeam1 - TSS2 - PH

Field Gen - Neutronium - Neutroniun - EPS Transfer

Induction Stabilizerx2 - Assimilated



With this build you can set weaponspower to 80 or 85 (including the +5 from the Borg Console) and still reach the 125 weaponspower (you can chain 2+2 EP2x powers with 100% uptime, .. The remaining points can be dumped in Aux for a TSS/ASIF boost.

Your shield power will be slightly lower, but can be boosted by TSS, which will give you a higher net resist.. Your heals will be far more potent, with some 10kish from the ETeam3, and nice resists off ASIF..
yep that's just about how i would set up a jack of all trades star cruiser. armor has such bad diminishing returns that i would only ever run 1 Neutronium. maybe a SIF console instead.