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06-21-2011, 11:16 AM
I am Lt. Gen. Qor'aS of the Bird-of-Prey Qor'aS wa'. I am Klingon and I do not trust non-Klingons. The weak shall perish.

I am Lt-General Tlexem of the Gurumba siege destroyer Tlexoi. I am Nausicaan and I find military life boring and tedious. I wan't to hunt the weak and steal from them.

I am Lt-General Xriviss of the Varanus ship Xrothis. I am Gorn and I want to crush the Federation... and the Klingon Empire. One day, the Gorn Hegemony will be reborn and the Galaxy will tremble with fear when they hear the word GORN!

I am Major Gen. Duv'eQ of the Vor'Cha attack cruiser Duv'eQ wa'. My brother Qor'aS is the elder brother and speaks for our familiy, but I do not mind having alien officers on my ship. I like to remind them who is the strongest!

I am Lt. Jizefar of the Bird of Prey waqboch vIq'. I am Lethean and I do not mind being ruled by the Klingon Empire. I was unemployed before the war but the Klingons can use my abilities. And they pay well!