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Originally Posted by Jermbot View Post
Now before you start giving me your answer take a moment to think about the question. I'm not asking what "Klingon flavor" is, I'm asking about the "KDF-flavor" because, unlike Starfleet, the KDF actually represents a wide range of different military cultures. Klingons have this honorable noble warrior culture where they will honor worthy opponents and seek them out, the Klingon allied Trill might appreciate it but can they really live it? Nausicaans, Letheans and Orions are known to be ruthless and aggressive, but they're not known for honor or nobility and any time we've seen them iin canon, it's quite obvious they would much sooner attack forces far weaker than them and would curse the more worthy opponents, not seek them out. Gorn are another group of strange ducks because they've been shown in canon as hyper defensive but not aggressively expansionistic and I've never gotten a 'warrior culture' vibe from them.

So you want KDF-Themed content, but with well over half the faction being non-Klingon races, what do you actually think that's going to mean? Do you really think it's appropriate for a cravenly Nausicaan mercenary to be seeking out 'greater glory?' Would a seductive Orion manipulator really rough up a Ferengi contact to get to the next step of the mission or would she go about lying to him in much the same the Federation does?
Even though those other member races are not Klingons, they are members of the KDF, either through conquest or alliance. Like Starfleet, the KDF would have its own operational procedures aboard its vessels, based on distinctly Klingon ideals. Unlike the Federation, where no particular species is dominant, the Klingons are firmly in charge of the KDF, and they run it as a Klingon organization.