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I am Lt. Gen. Qor'aS of the Bird-of-Prey Qor'aS wa'. I am Klingon and I do not trust non-Klingons. The weak shall perish.

I am Lt-General Tlexem of the Gurumba siege destroyer Tlexoi. I am Nausicaan and I find military life boring and tedious. I wan't to hunt the weak and steal from them.

I am Lt-General Xriviss of the Varanus ship Xrothis. I am Gorn and I want to crush the Federation... and the Klingon Empire. One day, the Gorn Hegemony will be reborn and the Galaxy will tremble with fear when they hear the word GORN!

I am Major Gen. Duv'eQ of the Vor'Cha attack cruiser Duv'eQ wa'. My brother Qor'aS is the elder brother and speaks for our familiy, but I do not mind having alien officers on my ship. I like to remind them who is the strongest!

I am Lt. Jizefar of the Bird of Prey waqboch vIq'. I am Lethean and I do not mind being ruled by the Klingon Empire. I was unemployed before the war but the Klingons can use my abilities. And they pay well!
Adding to this if you don't mind:

I am Lt. General Lazira Irun of the Bird of Prey IKS Doom Bird.. I am a Trill who spent her whole life training to be joined. When my field docent washed me out of the program, I hunted and murdered a man for his symbiont. Once joined, Lazira Riven became Lazira Irun, and the memories of having murdered myself combined with the wisdom of centuries tempered my insanity. Two of my previous hosts had ties to the Klingons, and as a fugitive, I had no where else to go. I immersed myself in Klingon culture, trying to atone for my past dishonor, and now I fight for the KDF.