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06-21-2011, 12:17 PM
Nice idea there Meline thanks.

About weaponry now.

Is there a big difference when broadsiding with 4 Beam Arrays instead of 6?

I hear that having too many beam arrays is kinda counter-productive because it drains energy and ends lowering the overall beam damage anyway.

Would i get comparable damage running with 4 beams at 125 instead of 6 beams at 125? I know Nadion Inversion helps keeping all beams effective but when it is on cooldown, are 6 beams draining too much?

Also, if i want to make use of TSS and AuxToSif then i assume that i need to run with high level of Aux power which is why you propose to use EPTW to raise my beam dmg. I guess i am just doing the contrary right now by keeping my beams at 100 and using EPTAux before activating HE or PH.