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06-21-2011, 01:20 PM
That's a fair question, Jermbot.

I would say that each of these races have their own unique 'flavor' (read: culture) and it wouldn't hurt if those cultural differences were explored a little.

How many Fed players "get" that the model for Klingon culture was influenced by feudal Oriental cultures?

"Diplomatic Orders", as good a mission as that is, only hints at one of the reasons why the Federation and the Empire are at odds. A new player without background material would have no reason to know that there used to be an Alliance or why it collapsed. I don't recall any mission text that addressed it. If people who've actually read the official timeline don't fully understand why there's a war on, then people who haven't read it don't have a chance of understanding it.

So from a Fed perspective, the Klingons are just out being "the bad guys" again. But from a Klingon perspective, they have a visceral need to hunt down the Undine and eradicate them and the Federation is too soft to deal with the situation appropriately.

That's one reason why we need to see the Klingon side of that mission. It would flesh out the backstory and put a little righteous indignation into a new KDF player's backbone.

In a game like this, you can only deal out background information a little at a time. But even a little bit is better than nothing.