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06-21-2011, 02:38 PM
Originally Posted by Blayyde
This is a repost of my Ship Size Comparison Chart, which I originally posted in the Academy forum. This is the Klingon version of the chart, although I'm including the Federation version here as well. For more information on these charts and some others I came up with, visit the thread in the Fed Shipyard forum.

Klingon Ship Size Comparison Chart

Here's the Fed chart just in case you don't want to visit the other thread:

Federation Ship Size Comparison Chart

Unlike with the Federation ships, most of the Klingon ships are not canon, and thus I have no "official" source for the lengths. Thus most of them are estimates based on the Federation ships' canon lengths. I include some Fed ships in the Klingon chart just to give a point of reference. The Klingon ships get WAY bigger than the Federation with those carriers, and so their chart is to a smaller scale. (The smallest ships may be a bit harder to see)

The ships that are canon seem to not be to scale either, particularly the Negh'Var, which is huge. I'm guessing the devs either made it bigger to make it comparable to the Star and Assault Cruisers, or the KDF has just evolved the design so it is larger. Likewise, the Somraw Raptor is a ST: Enterprise design, and this may be just a 2409 design that is named the same.

I have posted both the fighters from the Vo'Qov and the Kar'fi, as a comparison to the shuttles. While I have not posted the new playable fighter yet, I plan to replace the Vo'Qov fighter with it if they turn out to be the same size.
Neat, really interesting chart, and well worth a sticky.