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06-21-2011, 01:47 PM
Originally Posted by Kasensal
Even though those other member races are not Klingons, they are members of the KDF, either through conquest or alliance. Like Starfleet, the KDF would have its own operational procedures aboard its vessels, based on distinctly Klingon ideals. Unlike the Federation, where no particular species is dominant, the Klingons are firmly in charge of the KDF, and they run it as a Klingon organization.
I'm not sure they would operate on the same procedures as Klingon ships. I recall quite distinctly an episode of DS9 where Worf was serving on General Martok's ship and General Martok was refusing to enter Dominion territory to retrieve a damaged Klingon ship and it's survivors. If you don't recall the episode, Worf called Martok a coward and challenged him right then and there for the captaincy of hi ship. Martok won the fight and was so invigorated by classic Klingon combat that he pushed his newly moralized men into Dominion territory, into the ambush he knew was waiting for them and out the other side victorious.

Now imagine that same situation, but replace Martok with an orion female. Do you really see her rising with hot blood and righteous anger at the accusations of cowardice being leveled at her by her first officer? Do you really see her giving him a fair fight? No, it wouldn't work.